Lyngby Delebil

Driving Abroad

Lyngby Delebil leases most of its cars through Europcar, and the rules for driving abroad follow the rules of Europcar.
The rules (''VILKÅR OG BETINGELSER FOR LEJE') can be found on Europcar's Danish website.

As of September 2018 the following applies:
You must drive the car in the following countries:
Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France (except islands), Germany, Italy (except islands), Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Holland, Portugal (except islands), Spain (except islands), Sweden and Switzerland.
Please note that driving minibuses, vans and trucks in Finland, Portugal, north of Oslo (Norway), north of Stockholm (Sweden), south of Rome (Italy) and south of Madrid (Spain) are not allowed without prior written agreement.

(The rules may have changed since this is written. Find the current rules on the Europcar website).

If you want to drive Lyngby Delebil's cars in areas not mentioned, please contact the board.

Specifically on the collection of tolls in Norway

All foreign drivers are charged tolls via the EPC (Euro Parking Collection). You may create an account with EPC before your visit - and delete the registration after returning home! See
If the bill goes through the car owner, Europcar, they will charge an extra fee for the handling, and the entire bill will end with you sooner or later.