Lyngby Delebil

Welcome to Lyngby Delebil

Did you know ...

Most members of Lyngby Delebil are families with children. Typically 2 adults with full-time work and up to 3 children. A car is nice to have on busy days!

The shared car can also be your second car: If you sometimes need 2 cars, we can handle that as well ...

Once you are a member, your car can be reserved from the same second you are at your computer.

Members of Lyngby Delebil can choose from different car types. This allows them to choose a car type that fits the specific needs in each case.

You can order a car up to 300 days in advance.

A little Statistics

Last year our members on average used 18.589 Dkr (all inclusive) on 5.506 km with a km-price of 3,38 Dkr. (calculation based on members with more than one year of membership)