Lyngby Delebil

Welcome to Lyngby Delebil

Did you know ...

When you drive a shared car, there are no extra or unforeseen costs for fuel, repairs, owner's fee, insurance or maintenance.

For a lot of families, a shared car is less expensive than owning a car. The exception is if you are going to use the car every day.

Most of the members of 'Lyngby Delebil' use public transport or bicycles as their daily means of transportion. The average member drive less than 15,000 km a year.

Most members of Lyngby Delebil are families with children. Typically 2 adults with full-time work and up to 3 children. A car is nice to have on busy days!

The shared car can also be your second car: If you sometimes need 2 cars, we can handle that as well ...

A little Statistics

Last year our members on average used 14.825 Dkr (all inclusive) on 4.355 km with a km-price of 3,40 Dkr. (calculation based on members with more than one year of membership)