Lyngby Delebil

Membership Terms and Conditions for Lyngby Delebil

§ 1 General rights and obligations

1.1. When a member has paid the registration fee, the deposit, and the monthly fee and insurance contributions according to the price list, he or she may use Lyngby Delebil's vehicles in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

1.2. The use of vehicles must be in accordance with the Articles of Association of Lyngby Delebil, the price list, the instruction manuals, insurance terms, private and public regulations on use of rental cars and these conditions. If a member does not comply with these conditions, he or she will incur any costs, fines and fees according to article 7.1.

1.3. Members must have internet access and a mailbox. If you no longer have a valid driving license or a working mailbox, you must immediately notify the board of directors. Each member is obliged to ensure that the club's information about the member's address, telephone and mail address is correct at all times. A member is obliged to immediately keeping the board informed, if he or she

  • has received a sentence for repeated violations of the public traffic regulations,
  • is charged with or previously sentenced for car driving seriously violating the public traffic regulations
  • is charged with or previously sentenced according to the criminal code for injury of person in very serious circumstances.
  • 1.4. Only persons with ordinary membership or supplementary membership of Lyngby Delebil can drive Lyngby Delebil's vehicles. However, another person may drive the car if the member is passenger in the car during the drive and the member has ensured that the driver has brought a valid driving license and uses the vehicle in accordance with paragraph 1.2.

    § 2 Keys

    2.1. Each member receives a key for Lyngby Delebil's key boxes upon registration. The key remains the property of Lyngby Delebil and may only be used by that member. An additional key can be handed out per supplementary member.

    2.2. The member must keep the key securely. Lyngby Delebil must be informed immediately if a key is missing. The member is responsible for any consequences if such information is not provided - or provided late.

    2.3. A replacement or demaged key costs a fee according to the current price list.

    2.4. Copying keys for key boxes may only take place at the Board's request.

    § 3 Car Location

    3.1. Lyngby Delebil vehicles each have a designated location, as shown on the web site. The vehicle key and its fuel card is picked up from the key box located at the designated location. The vehicle is parked nearby and must be returned to the same parking lot after use.

    § 4 Terms of Use of Vehicles

    4.1. Vehicles and other equipment may only be used after prior reservation. If a vehicle is used outside the reserved period or without reservation, an administration fee will be charged according to the price list. The amount charged depends on how the member cooperates with the club in resolving the case in question. The member is also obliged to pay any additional expenses incurred by the club or other members, see Section 6.3.

    4.2. Limited membership only entitles you to use the vehicle's vehicles for a limited period of time. The detailed time limits can be found in the current price list. Use of vehicles outside the restrictions is considered and treated as driving without reservation cf. 4.1.

    § 5 Reservation of vehicle

    5.1. The member reserves a vehicle in Lyngby Delebil's reservation system.

    5.2. Reservations can be changed or canceled, until immediately before the reservation starts. Once a reservation has begun, only the end time can be changed.

    5.3. In case of change or cancellation less than 14 days before, a cancellation fee will be charged according to the price list. A cancellation fee is charged only to the extent that the vehicle is not reserved by other members.

    § 6 Vehicle Inspection Before Use

    6.1. The member must check the vehicle's condition before use. Inside and outside are checked for scratches, bumps, punctures and the like. New errors - in addition to those already registered - must be registered in the log book and on the travel log sheet. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is in legal condition.

    6.2. Before using the vehicle, complete the travel log sheet with name, mileage and time of the start of the trip. Check whether the previous driver has noted the correct 'end mileage' corresponding to the current 'start mileage'.

    6.3. If a reserved vehicle is not available due to a technical failure or another member's negligence, the club will cover reasonable costs for alternative transportation. It is the responsibility of the member to seek a fair solution and to document, if necessary, his/her expenses.

    6.4. The club's board may reject expenses incurred as a result of clause 4.1 or 6.3, which are not proportionate to the specific situation.

    § 7 Use of vehicles

    7.1. All vehicles and other equipment must be used with care and caution.

    7.2. All members contribute to the daily maintenance by at least once a year to clean / vacuum one of Lyngby Delebil's cars. The club pays the cost.

    7.3. While driving in one of Lyngby Delebil's vehicles,

    • The member must, at the request of the police, document his right to be in posession of the vehicle. Use the member's list, the prefilled log sheet or posting on the club's website.
    • The driver must, at the request of the police, provide information on which persons have used the vehicle as drivers during the period of reservation.

    7.4. Lyngby Delebil's vehicles are non-smoking and animal-free. However, animals may be transported in a specially designed transport box, if the member subsequently vacuums the car. However, the Board may decide that animals are allowed in certain vehicles. This will be shown in the information material to the members.

    7.5. Lyngby Delebil vehicles must not be used

    • for paid transportation of passengers or freight, neither directly nor indirectly,
    • to drag or tow another vehicle, including trailers of any kind. However, approved trailers that comply with weight and dimensions according to the instruction manual may be dragged. See the instruction manual and specific information for the car in question posted by the club.
    • driving with construction material or driving with goods or food that causes odors or unusual wear.

    7.6. Lyngby Delebil vehicles may be used for driving abroad according to guidelines prepared by the board. These guidelines include limitations on which countries the individual cars must be driven in. As a general rule, it is possible to drive throughout Scandinavia and Western Europe, except for the United Kingdom. See Driving abroad.

    § 8 Returning of vehicle

    8.1. The member must return the vehicle by the end of the reserved period.

    8.2. End of reservation is only correct if

    • the vehicle is legally parked on it's parking lot in locked condition,
    • the vehicle contains all it's documents,
    • the trip is registered on the log sheet, cf. sections 6.1-6.2,
    • the vehicle is checked for scratches, bumps, bugs and shortcomings, and these are listed in the log book and the travel log sheet,
    • the tank is at least 1/4 full,
    • the vehicle is emptied of waste and the member's own effects and appears nice and clean,
    • the vehicle contains all related equipment as described in the logbook,
    • the key is placed in the key box and fuel card is placed either in car or in the key box.

    8.3. If a member becomes aware of a defect in the vehicle that makes the vehicle unlawful to drive or poses a serious disadvantage for subsequent users and this defect can not be rectified immediately, the member is obliged to immediately

    • report the defect to the 'fadder' (caretaker of the car).
    • inform the immediate subsequent users.

    8.4. In case of incorrect return of the vehicle, the member is charged a fee according to the price list.

    § 9 Injuries and accidents etc.

    9.1. Lyngby Delebil provides regular service on the vehicles. Lyngby Delebil can not be held liable for any consequences of errors on the club's vehicles.

    9.2. Lyngby Delebil provides full and unlimited roadside assistance. Guidance and contact information for road help can be found in the vehicle logbook.

    9.3. In case of faults, breakdowns, accidents and damage to the vehicle, the supplier of the vehicle (the car leasing company) must be contacted immediately. The procedure is described in the vehicle logbook. Do not attempt to repair the vehicle yourself.

    9.4. The member shall, as far as possible, limit the extent of the damage. Further driving after the injury is allowed only after further agreement with the club if it can be demonstrated that there is no risk involved.

    9.5. The club usually offers a replacement car if further driving is not possible. However, it can not be guaranteed that the replacement car is the same size or type.

    9.6. In case of injury, the member is required to

    • promptly inform the police, if another party's fault is to be established or injuries have occurred,
    • to obtain the name and address of the parties involved and any witnesses,
    • not to recognize responsibility or fault,
    • not to leave the vehicle before it is secured properly,
    • to complete the damage report (located in the vehicle) with a detailed description of the accident and send it to the club.

    9.7. In the event of damage or loss of vehicle, the member is obliged to pay full costs if the member has violated this member's terms, contractual obligations, insurance policies or the law. In addition, the member is obliged to cover expenses for the self-risk of damages, etc., which the member has influenced, according to the current price list.

    9.8. Lyngby Delebil, on request, informs police and judicial authorities of which member has reserved a vehicle for a given period. A member involved in a traffic offense in a vehicle from Lyngby Delebil shall pay administrative expenses for Lyngby Delebil's involvement in handling the case, according to the price list.

    9.9 A member is liable to the club for any damage suffered by another driver of the vehicle pursuant to clause 1.4, Lyngby Delebil, as if it were the member himself who led the vehicle.

    § 10 Payment for driving

    10.1. For use of vehicles, mileage fee and time fee are charged according to the price list. Expenditure on fuel and all other consumables is included in the mileage fee. However, the member must pay any road and bridge taxes and parking charges. This also applies to fines issued by public authorities. The member is liable for these charges or fines, regardless of whether the club may incur a conditional, objective criminal liability for the offense triggering the tax or the fine.

    10.2. Lyngby Delebil submits invoices for quotas, usage fees, etc. Invoices are usually sent out per mail. Amounts due are due for payment with a specified deadline.

    10.3. The club is entitled to charge an aconto amount if a member has a vehicle for a very long period of time, or generally to limit outstanding debts to the member.

    10.4. If a member does not pay an invoice before the specified last payment date, the club is entitled to charge a reimbursement fee and interest under the Interest Act and to suspend membership until the amounts have been received.

    10.5. If a member has expenses that the club has to pay cf. clause 10.1, it is the member's responsibility to send the cashier a valid receipt, no later than the end of the month. A receipt is only valid if it contains at least information on

    • what has been purchased (categories like 'diesel' are accepted),
    • where it was purchased (address or company),
    • when it was purchased (date),
    • sales point SE number and preferably also specified VAT,
    • name / member ID as well as any car / reservation, noted on the receipt.
    If the receipt is in a currency other than Danish kroner, it will be converted to Danish Kroner using Danmarks Nationalbank's average exchange rate on that day.

    10.6. The board / cashier is entitled to reject any receipts that do not meet the requirements of section 10.5 or which do not comply with the interests or purposes of the club.

    10.7. The board / cashier is entitled to set off the reimbursement of a member's expenses in accordance with item 10.5, in accordance with item 10.2, and this usually occurs in the firstcoming invoice.

    § 11 Use of cars in other car sharing clubs

    11.1. Lyngby Delebil has no agreements with other clubs concerning mutual reservation and use of other clubs' vehicles.

    § 12 Settlement of disputes

    12.1. Disputes between members concerning matters relating to the association and understanding of statutes, membership terms, price list etc. is finally decided by the Board after obtaining relevant information from both parties.

    § 13 Changes to the contractual basis

    13.1. Any agreement between the association and its members that do not adhere to the statutes, membership terms, price list etc., must be in writing.

    Thus adopted at the general Assembly on 16.03.2015.
    These membership terms completely replace member terms adopted 2008.
    §4.2 adopted at the Extraordinary General Assembly 08.09.2016.
    §1.5 excluded at the General Assembly 06.09.2021.
    §1.2 and 1.3 extended at the General Assembly 14.03.2022.