Lyngby Delebil

Lyngby Delebil

- a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to use a car

The Lyngby Delebil Association was founded in January 2003 with 7 households who jointly leased the first car.

In January 2022 we are about 62 members with approx. 13 cars in and around Lyngby, from small cars and family cars to vans.

On this page you can read about the principles of the scheme, advantages of car sharing, choice of cars, use of cars, rates, administration, etc.


In a car sharing association, a number of households share a car fleet. Cars are typically leased for a period of 3 years.

Lyngby Delebil is organized as an association both to ensure members' influence and to ensure that all savings benefit the members themselves.

The association prioritises newer environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient and safe cars of different sizes to meet different needs. Each car is assigned to a specific parking lot in or near Lyngby. It's easy to book a car and you will rarely find all cars occupied.

Booking rates should reflect the costs to attract households with modest as well as those with high driving requirements. The members are imposed with responsible, considerate and cost-effective behavior that benefits everyone.

Advantages of car sharing

Compared to owning a car: It is expensive to buy and to have your own car. The km rate may be high if the driving requirement is small. So if you own a car, there's an economic incentive to always drive yourself, when the car is at hand.

Compared to traditional car hire: Lyngby Delebil's cars can be rented for short periods, down to 1-2 hours and are considerably cheaper. You are not restricted by opening hours and time-consuming car rental procedures, and it is not always necessary to top up with gasoline on car return. And you get used to the cars so that for example you do not waste time figuring out how to open the gasoline flap.

In relation to the environment: It is desirable to achieve fewer and newer cars around. Also, less driving and thus less strain on wallet and environment is desirable. Car sharing contributes to that.

Choosing cars

Our cars are typically 1-4 years old. Most are small cars and mini station wagons, which have a good overall economy, are reasonably spacious and run far on the liter. In addition, we have some larger station wagons and family cars, and at least one van.

The choice of cars is decided upon at the general meeting or at member meetings, where all members can participate in the decision on which cars to acquire.

Use of cars

The cars can be booked via a booking system on the association's website, from your PC or smartphone.

Keys and fuel cards for the cars are kept in key boxes, which all members have access to.

The cars have travel log sheets that must be filled out before and after each trip. Any errors on the car should be noted as well.

The cars are non-smoking area, and pets must be brought by in a transport box only. The car must be returned in a proper and clean condition and with a minimum of 1/4 tank remaining.


Upon registration with the association, a registration fee and a deposit must be paid. In addition, monthly subscription and insurance fees are charged. The cost of driving is collected in terms of time and mileage fees.

Revenue should primarily cover costs, but a small saving is also kept, so we avoid adjusting booking rates too often.

There are 2 member types: a regular membership, and a supplementary membership that can be subscribed by a person living with the same household as a regular member. A membership can be restricted too. Companies can also obtain membership, however, with the limitation of one person in the company per membership.

See more in our price list.


Lyngby Delebil is a general association with a board of directors elected at the yearly general assembly.

In addition to the common association activities, there are some administrative and practical tasks that the members jointly take care of. This applies, for example, to the washing of the cars.


Application for registration is here. Recording of new members usually takes place within a short period of time. Lyngby Delebil retains the right to introduce a waiting list, if there are more membership requests, than we can handle.