Lyngby Delebil

User Manual


Enrollment / New Member

Username is used each time you log into the website. Pick for your own sake something that you can remember, which is reasonably short, and preferably without special characters of the kind that is not on all keyboards. Once you have selected a username, it can not be changed!

Password is your secret password, which you will need to log into the homepage.

Your full name is for legal reasons. We use it mostly on invoices and in other official contexts.

Nickname , on the other hand, is used more generally in acclaim and publicity.

Log in / Logout

For safety reasons, Lyngby Delebil recommends that you always log out by clicking "Logout" when done on the website.

My data

(Edit member data in Lyngby Delebil)

On this page you can correct (and see) what data Lyngby Delebil has registered about you.

Membership number and username can not be changed. The password can be changed only from the menu item "Change password" .

The other information may, however, be changed here. - In particular, please note that if the email address is incorrect, we will not be able to send you a new password in case you forget it.

The full name field is used on invoices and in other official contexts.

The nickname field is used in the calendar and other unofficial publications.

For security reasons, we require you to enter your password to correct the information.

Change Password

For safety reasons, Lyngby Delebil recommends that you change the solution regularly - at least once every six months, or if others have become aware of it.

Phone list

As a service to members, we have a phone list on the website, and this is available with login only.



The calendar shows reservation status for Lyngby Delebil cars 60 days ahead, hour by hour and day by day.

Green color indicates that the car is available and can be booked. Click on the green box to transfer date and time to a possible new booking. The booking will only be made when you click "Approve" after selecting the end time. Learn more about creating a reservation .
Red color indicates that the car is booked by another member.
Tip: If you let the mouse pointer hover the red field, a small window will present the name of the member holding the booking.
Blue color indicates that the car is booked by you. If you click on the blue box, the reservation opens, and you can adjust it. Learn more about changing a reservation .
Gray fields mark times earlier today, which of course can not anymore be reserved.

Creating a reservation

There are two ways to create a new reservation. Alternatively, visit the Calendar page and click a green box. The other option is to go directly to the "Reserve car" item in the menu.

On the reservation page you choose the car, as well as the departure and end time. The system checks that your reservation is possible and does not conflict with other reservations. It is therefore not possible to make a "wrong" reservation. If you regret it, of course, you can cancel the reservation again , Please note, however, that if there are less than 14 days, Lyngby Delebil retain the right to charge a cancellation fee.

Change reservation

There are also two ways to change reservations. Alternatively, visit the Calendar page and click the blue box. Alternatively, go to the menu item My Reserve and click "Modify."

In both cases, open the same screen as for making a reservation. Just filled in with the data for the current reservation. See above, under creation of a reservation for details.

Even though a reservation has started, you can still adjust the end date as long as the reservation has not expired. However, when the reservation is started, you can no longer change your choice of car or the start time. Note in this connection that it will often be cheaper to extend a reservation than to create a new one immediately after.

If you adjust the duration of a reservation, move it into the future or switch to another car, you may incur a cancellation fee, See price list.

Cancellation of reservation

My reservations

The menu item "My Reservations" gives an overview of the reservations that are reserved for you in the system. Click Change or Cancel to change or cancel the reservation, respectively.

View Bill

Here you can retrieve all your old bills. And see what costs are up and coming.